Best Kukri Machete for 2021 – Make your Chopping & Cutting Easy

Plenty of people are not yet familiar with Kukri, and those who are familiar do not know which is the Best Kukri Machete. Kukri works like a machete in which its primary purpose and use are to cut motions. Additionally, it can be used to chop tree limbs, gathering firewood, prepare food, and even Best for Survival situations.

But some people have such a problem that, the blade breaks after just a few swings during use or the blade rusted and chipped after light delimbing of several trees and brush. The main reason is not choosing the perfect Kukri. But today we are going to solve this problem for you.

Yes, you read that, right!

In this article, We will make it easy for you that how to choose the Best Kukri Knife according to your needs and will show you Top 8 Kukri knives. But before that, you have to pursue your work. That’s how a Kukri knife would be usable in your routine life. We believe that after reading our simple buying guide, you can easily choose the best one for you.

 So let’s take a closer look. 

Our Top Picks

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri Machete

KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri Machete

  • Easy to wield and Well Balanced
  • Heavy duty and Well-Built
  • Extremely Sharp like a Hatchet


Condor Tool & Knife, 60217 Kukri Knife

Condor Tool & Knife 60217 Kukri Knife

  • Blade Thickness Simplifies the task.
  • Heavy duty and Well Balanced
  • Lanyard Hole for Sturdy Grip


Best Kukri Machete

Best Kukri MacheteKukri blades have a distinct style that is internally curved and heavier towards the tip. The Kukri represents the tradition, religious beliefs, and history of the Nepalese people. Those people have made its blade-style so sophisticated that it can also be used as a knife and hatchet. This is because Kukri blades are made quite thick during construction, usually more than an inch thick.

Nowadays, choosing the perfect multipurpose Kukri is becoming difficult. This is because a new model, brand, or design is being added to the market every day. But, It’s essential to find the Best Machete 2021 to improve your survival kit. Therefore we’re going to show you Top 8 Best Kukri in the world along with the buying guide to make your search easier.

So just stay tuned with us!

List of Top Rated Machetes

#1. Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri Machete – Well Balanced

KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri MacheteWith all the features, Ka-Bar Kukri Machete is at the top of our list, which matches your demand. The KA-Bar comes with 17 inches length and made with a durable carbon steel blade. In our opinion, it is a perfect kukri machete for chopping weeds, clearing a campsite, clearing brush, household tasks, and many purposes.

The full tang blade carries forward weight, which helps you generate a lot of power when cutting a piece of bamboo or a large chunk of meat. The handle of this Kukri machete is solid and makes your grip comfortable and nonslip during hardwood cutting.

For grip safety, there is a lanyard hole at the end of the handle, in which you can hold it firmly using a rope. Also, it comes with a black leather sheath that protects the blade from rusting.


The full tang kukri machete made with a 1085 high carbon steel blade, and it is coated with black epoxy powder. The length of its blade contains 11.5 inches while an overall length of 17 inches, a spine thickness of 0.165 inches and, weighs 1.3 pounds.

Its blade made with Ergonomic Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer material and firmly attached to the blade. This machete comes with a black leather/Cordura combination sheath that makes your trip comfortable and safe and protects the blade as well.

Ka-Bar is the best kukri for bushcraft, thick plants, hardwood, and, for self-defense.
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Blade Length: 11-1/2 inches
  • Overall Length: 16-3/4 inches
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Blade Style: Kukri
  • 1085 carbon-steel blade coated with black epoxy powder
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer Handle (Ergonomic Kragon-G)
  • Black Leather/Cordura combination Sheath
  • Easy to wield and Well Balanced
  • Heavy duty and Well-Built
  • Extremely Sharp like a Hatchet
  • Best Kukri for the money
  • Some rubbing due to Sheath

#2. Condor Tool & Knife, 60217 Kukri Knife – Heavy Duty

Condor Tool & Knife 60217 Kukri KnifeCondor Tool and Knife is a brand that makes the best Kukri knife like the rest of its best tools. The tool’s blade comes with a length of 10 inches and made of 1075 high carbon steel. It doesn’t come sharp, but it’s worth it to help you chopping and cutting smoothly.

It is more substantial than a knife with a thick blade that, when swung with force, can cut easily thick branches as well as plants, hardwood, and a large piece of meat. The full tang blade is 8 mm thick, and it allows you to split wood into pieces like a hatch style, cut the grooves, and cut the sticks without any issue.

A versatile machete with a beautiful walnut handle that can do a lot of work with less effort, and doesn’t leave you feeling tired. Additionally, the sheath is made of welted leather, craftsmanship is excellent, and looks beautiful.


The best Kukri knife by Condor Tool & Knife has an overall length of 14.5 inches with a blade length of 10 inches, a blade thickness of 8mm, and it weighs 1.82 pounds. The full tang blade is made of 1075 high carbon steel with a blasted satin blade finish.

The ergonomic handle made of walnut wood that provides a solid grip, and it can easily be retained in the user’s hand. Includes a black leather sheath with it, which is well sewn and made for long-lasting use.

Condor always makes a fantastic product! The spine is about a quarter of an inch thick.
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Blade Length: 10 inches
  • Overall Length: 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Blade Style: Kukri
  • 1075 high carbon steel blade with a Blasted satin blade finish
  • Walnut Wood Handle
  • Black Leather Sheath
  • Blade Thickness Simplifies the task.
  • Heavy duty and Well Balanced
  • Lanyard Hole for Sturdy Grip
  • Decent Price Point
  • Can be heavy for some.

#3. Cold Steel Royal Kukri Machete – Budget Friendly

Cold Steel Royal Kukri MacheteThe Royal Kukri Machete by Cold Steel made of 1055 Carbon Steel blade with Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish. It comes with a length of 20 inches, and its blade is thick enough for heavy-duty tasks.

This best Kukri machete is capable of working with the toughest bushcraft, from chopping firewood to dispatching wounded game, it has maintained its defensive prowess very well even in a survival situation. The handle of the excellent piece of craft is made of polypropylene material, which also has a lanyard hole.

The handle with its integral guard completely protects the user from damage while significantly control the balance and haft of the knife. Besides, it has a finger guard on the upper part of the handle, which prevents cutting the user’s finger due to slipping, and at the same time, this extended part prevents your hand from slipping while swinging. The Cor-Ex sheath isn’t looking fancy but secures the blade from dust and corrosion.


The Cold steel Royal Kukri features an overall length of 20 inches while its blade length of 15.5 inches, a blade thickness of 2.8 mm, and it weighs 1.54 pounds. Its blade made of 1055 carbon steel, which is coated with Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish.

The comfortable handle of this Kukri made with polypropylene material. Also, it has a lanyard hole that enhances grip security. It has a Cor-Ex sheath with three straps to hold the Kukri in place. One for the handle and the other for the blade.

In terms of price, this construction and utility will meet your needs well.
  • Blade Length: 15.5-inch
  • Overall Length: 20-inch
  • Weight: 1.54 Pounds
  • 1055 Carbon Steel with Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish
  • With Polypropylene made Handle
  • Cor-Ex Sheath
  • Thick Blade with Anti Rust Matte Finish
  • Easy to Wield with Finger Guard
  • Mid Price Kukri Knife
  • Medium Quality Sheath

#4. Schrade SCHKM1 19.7in Kukri MacheteSolid Craftmanship

Best Survival MacheteThe Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete is also extremely popular in Kukri style blades due to its excellent performance. Usually, the main reason for this is its reliable stainless steel blade and coating with 3Cr13 powder. It has a 19.7-inch length that gives you access to work longer distances.

It is so thick and sharp that it is capable of cutting small plants, bushcraft wood, firewood, and even 3 to 4 inches small trees. Its weight provides a delicate balance so that it is easy to work with. Its handle made with Safe-T-Grip material, which gives you a secure and nonslip grip.

There is also a well-knit sheath made of polyester with multiple options to carry in different positions. There is a lanyard hole on its handle. It comes with a Ferro rod, and a sharpening stone, which enhances its functionality.


The Schrade Machete features a 19.7-inch overall length while a blade length of 13.3 inches and a weight of 1.41 pounds. Schrade machete is made of stainless steel blade and coated with 3Cr13 powder, which makes it more durable.

Its handle built on the structure of the Safe-T-Grip handle so that the blade will not slip with the security of the front quillon. The machete comes with a polyester sheath, with a removable shoulder pouch, shoulder strap, leg strap, and belt loop for easy and quick access. Also, on the purchase of this machete, you will get a Ferro rod and a sharpening stone.

It is a strong, durable, well-built and very sharp product by best kukri machete brand known as Schrade.
  • Blade Length: 13.3-inch
  • Overall Length: 19.7-inch
  • Weight: 1.41 pounds
  • 3Cr13 Powder Coated Stainless Steel blade
  • Safe-T-Grip Handle
  • Polyester Sheath for easy carry
  • Best Kukri for Camping
  • Includes Ferro rod and Sharpening stone
  • Ergonmic Safe-T-Grip Handle
  • Sheath with Various functionality
  • Handle Slightly Hard

#5. SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete MC11-N – Sharp Blade with Sawback

SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete MC11-NSOGfari Kukri machete is an interesting addition to the market, which enhances the functionality of the best Kukri knives. This machete contains 18 inches overall in length and comes with a Sawback blade. The blade of this Kukri machete made of 3Cr13 carbon steel and it would not be wrong to say that SOGfari MC11-N known as the best Sawback machete.

With its multi-function blade, you can easily clear brush, blaze trails, chopped wood, built shelters, hunting, and even for your protection. More giant hardwoods take a little more work but can also be cut with continuous easy strokes. The company gives this Kukri a Kraton rubber handle so that your hand can get maximum comfort despite working for a long time.

This handle has three lanyard holes that make it quite easy to wield together with the rope. Moreover, it comes with a durable nylon sheath that protects both sides of its blade from dust and rust.


The SOGfari Kukri Machete features an overall length of 18 inches, which includes a 12 inches fine edge blade and a saw blade. Its blade thickness of 0.10 inches and, it weighs 15 ounces. The blade of this machete is made of 3Cr13 carbon steel with a hard cased black finish, specially designed for heavy-duty cutting.

The handle is made of Kraton rubber material, which reduces the risk of slipping and comfortable for extended use. There are lanyard holes in the handle for mounting the rope, which also includes a nylon sheath that makes it easy to carry.

It is made to cut brushes/sticks a few inches in diameter. Even the Sawblade cuts well on massive trunks.
  • Blade Length: 12-inch
  • Overall Length: 18-inch
  • Weight: 15 Ounces
  • 3Cr13 Carbon Steel blade with hard cased black finish
  • Kraton Rubber Handle
  • Nylon Sheath
  • Razor-Sharp and Well made
  • Blade Coated with Black Anti Rust Matte
  • Strong Cor-Ex sheath included
  • Light weight limits its cutting ability.

#6. Ontario 6420 OKC Kukri Knife – Thick Blade & Well Made

Ontario 6420 OKC Kukri KnifeThe OKC Kukri Knife by Ontario made of 1095 carbon steel blade and contained 18 inches length with a black matte finish to help prevent corrosion. This material also holds an edge fairly decent of the blade after long-term use. Due to its lightweight, the machete offers incredible balance, which is easy to wield and makes it best kukri for bushcraft.

This Kukri weighs around 18-19oz, which is a bit lighter than other knives, but still able to make deep cuts on any hard object for which the Kukri is famous. With this blade, you can cut coarse plants and bamboo, limbs of small trees, lashing tall grass; even you can easily cut a watermelon into pieces.

It has a hidden tang with a very ergonomic rubberized plastic made handle. The Ontario handle has a squarish-like shape, maybe a bit oversized for some, but it has an excellent surface to grip and hooks front and rear to help keep the hand in place. For this type of blade, I prefer the selected sheath because it is much lighter than the Kydex.


The OKC Kukri knife features an overall length of 16.7 inches while its blade length of 12 inches, In addition, its blade thickness of 4.2 and, the weight of 1.1 pounds. Its full-tang blade made from 1095 high carbon steel with a black matte finish to help prevent corrosion.

In addition, the Ontario company manufactures its handle from a thermoplastic elastomer material, which is a rubber plastic material, also Includes a lanyard cord that provides a secure grip. While the sheath made of nylon with a riveted belt-loop, that prevents the blade from cutting through.

The knife itself is a great, durable piece of metal with an extremely sharp edge.
  • Blade Length: 12-inch
  • Overall Length: 17-inch
  • Weight: 18 Ounces
  •  1095 High Carbon Steel with a Black Matte finish
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer Rubber Handle
  • Nylon Sheath
  • Best Design for Chopping
  • Blade Coated with Black Anti Rust Matte
  • Comfortable and Secure Rubberized Handle
  • Medium Quality Sheath

#7. EGKH.Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri – Comfortable to Hold

Best Kukri MacheteDuring the Afghan war, these modern knives provided to the Gurkha army. Therefore, this Kukri renamed as Gurkha Aeof Kukri. The Gurkha Kukri made of high graded carbon steel and contained 16 inches length. It is a Semi-polished, well water-tempered blade, especially for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

The well-crafted knife can be used to cut wood, meat, clearing bushes, lush plants, grapevines, and timber for fire pit. Two small knives “karda” for small types of work like skinning animals and “Chakmak” for sharpening the blade are free with this heavy-duty Kukri.

The full tang handle made of dark rosewood material with a lanyard cord on the handle, and it is well made and comfortable. Additionally, it comes with a magnificent handmade sheath made of water buffalo leather that is dying in black color.


The Cold steel Royal Kukri features an overall length of 20 inches while its blade length of 15.5 inches, a blade thickness of 2.8 mm, and it weighs 1.54 pounds. Its sharp and thick blade made of high graded carbon steel with semi-polished, well water-tempered.

The full tang handle made with dark rosewood that feels great in grip and looks beautiful. Its sheath is made of black buffalo leather. Buffalo leather has been used for the outside while preparing the sheath and pine wood for inside. In addition, it comes with two small knives that can be used to sharpen this Kukri machete.

It comes oiled and sharp straight out of the handmade molded sheath with natural materials.
  • Blade Length: 10-inch
  • Overall Length: 16-inch
  • Weight: 1.82 Pounds
  • High Graded Carbon Steel with Semi-Polished
  • Dark Rosewood Handle
  • Hand made Leather Sheath
  • Excellent Craftsmanship with a Powerful Blade
  • Comfortable Rosewood Handle with a Finger Grip
  • Comes with 2 small knives (Karda & Chakmak)
  • Blade comes unpolished

#8. Cold Steel 97KMPS Machete, Kukri Plus – Durable & relatively Sharp

Best Kukri Machete for 2020Cold Steel company has always manufactured versatile tools and provide the best quality kukri to the users. Thus, Kukri Plus machete by Cold Steel also a popular tool that comes with 18 inches length and made with a 1055 carbon steel blade and coated with a black baked-on anti-rust matte.

The curved blade of Cookie Plus offers you such a performance that you can spend the whole day on cutting bushes and chopping weeds without any hassle. Its full-tang blade embedded in a durable polypropylene handle that has been ergonomically designed for comfort and safety.

The lanyard hole is a welcome addition, which helps you keep a secure grip on the knife even in the most challenging conditions. It has a Cor-Ex sheath to keep the sharp and strong carbon steel blade safe.


The Cold Steel Kukri Plus Machete features an overall length of 18 inches while its blade length of 13 inches, a blade thickness of 2.8 mm and, weighs just 1 pound. The Machete made with a 1055 Carbon Steel blade and coated with a rust-resistant baked-on matte.

Its handle is made of polypropylene material, which is comfortable and reduces the risk of slipping during any kind of cutting. Also, it has a lanyard hole, along with a Cor-Ex sheath, which protects the edge of its blade.

The blade edge comes with burs, but after a few strokes on a sharpening stone, it’s ready for chopping.
  • Blade Length: 13-inch
  • Overall Length: 18-inch
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • 1055 Carbon Steel blade coated with Black Baked on anti rust matte
  • Polypropylene made Handle
  • Cor-Ex Sheath
  • Blade Coated with Black Anti Rust Matte
  • Most Affordable Kukri
  • Strong Cor-Ex sheath included
  • Light weight limits its cutting ability.

Buying Guide for Best Kukri Machete

As mentioned above, there is a distinct style of Kukri and a blade design with exceptional skill. Similarly, everyone has used kukri for different tasks. But it becomes a little difficult to guess which Kukri knife is best for what work. Also, if you know how to use a machete, choosing a kukri will be easier for you.

We are sure that the knives we have reviewed and show about their features, it will be enough for your needs. But if you are still having some difficulty. So don’t worry about it, because below, we are going to discuss the most critical factors to consider when buying the best Kukri knife. Just take a look at it.

 Blade Design 

The discussion of blade steel is essential and long enough to choose the best multipurpose Kukri, which is very crucial to know. But I will only provide a brief explanation about Kukri blades. As you know, blade steels generally divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, and high carbon stainless steel.

According to our research, stainless steel blades last longer than carbon steel. The reason is that stainless steel blades are highly resistant to corrosion due to the chromium content. But this kind of blades is not useful for heavy-duty tasks. On the other hand, carbon steel blades are generally deficient in the addition of chromium, and due to their lack of chrome, they are not resistant to corrosion.

However, carbon steels are generally more durable and harder than stainless steel. Then comes the third type of blade known as high carbon stainless steel. Blades of this type made from a combination of the above two examples. That is why high carbon stainless steel blades are heavy-duty and durable as well as resistant to corrosion, but it’s a bit more expensive than both.

 Tang Design 

Tang design is an essential element that cannot be overlooked when buying a Kukri. It is the part of the blade to which the handle is attached. First, Let me tell you, Tang designs come with the different types, and the main difference between them is their relative strength. Tang design shows how far the blade connected inside the handle.

Therefore, the full tang is considered the most durable design, then the hidden tang is the next most reliable design, and the partial tang is the last most robust design. Since most kukri knives are designed specifically for heavy-duty tasks, you should look for a kukri that has a full tang or hidden tang design.

 Handle Material 

Kukri knives use a variety of handle materials such as ivory and wood, as well as polymer handles in modern times. But regardless of what you like, make sure it provides a comfortable and secure grip. Importantly, you need to choose a handle that does not slip through your hands despite being exposed to moisture, including rain and sweat.

However, make sure that the knife blades do not cut your fingers or hands while most knives have a crossguard design that protects your fingers from the edge.


The sheath is one of the features that many people overlook when buying a Kukri machete, which is inaccurate. However, it is crucial to keep this in mind when buying the best Kukri knife. The sheath should always as high quality as the machete, and mostly a leather sheath makes your journey comfortable.

 Overall Weight 

The last factor to consider when buying a Kukri is the overall weight of machete, which usually depends on the thickness of its spine. The thicker spine of a machete, the heavier it is, and the knife will be able to cut anything more profound. But being heavier will reduce the user’s control over it.

On the other hand, the lightweight machete gives the user full control, but it is not able to cut deeper. So it’s up to you how heavy a knife you can carry and wield it easily.

FAQs about Best Kukri Machete

01. Is a Kukri a Machete?

Kukri is a large knife that looks like a machete, and this multipurpose machete became popular in Nepal because it was the first to be made. Kukri is commonly used with a curved edge blade and sometimes known as the Gurkha Blade.

02. Is a Kukri a good survival knife?

Kukri is a fantastic multipurpose survival knife that is also used for cutting branches, wood for the firepit, building shelters, and struggling against wild animals. Undoubtedly, the Kukri is a survival tool that everyone wants. However, Like other types of knives, Kukri has a long history.

03. Should a machete be sharp?

It’s up to you how you will use the machete. If you are going camping then, of course, you have to keep the machete sharp. But, If you are primarily using a knife to cut grass or non-woody plants, then 20-25 degrees sharp corners of the blade are perfect for this task. The blade should be at least sharp so that blade retains its edge.

04. Can a Kukri cut through bone?

According to our experiments, a normal Kukri cannot cut the bone; however, if the Kukri with a thick and extremely sharp blade, it can cut the bone deeply.

05. Why is the Kukri Curved?

Kukri a quite useful tool in cutting weapons, as it comes with reasonable weight and lacks such weapons, and the curved shape produces a “wedge” effect, which is helpful for the blade to cut efficiently and intensely. Because the blade turns toward the target, the user does not need to bend the wrist when performing a cutting movement.

06. What are the two small knives that come with a kukri for?

Usually, with Gurkha Kukri come two small knives. Two small knives “Karda” for small tasks like skinning animals and “Chakmak” for sharpening blade that comes at the back of the sheath of this Kukri.


Today, we have selected the top 8 Kukri machete for you according to their tremendous benefits, features, and details. If you choose the ideal one from these best kukri machete reviews so it will be a terrible weapon that will help protect you from evil beasts or violent criminals. In short, we will choose the KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri to recommend you.

Because, an unbeatable tool explicitly designed for heavy-duty projects, furthermore, It is a full tang kukri machete. The construction of a full tang means that even a micrometre of the blade will not move after being hit by hard objects. Also, If you want to know about Best Bolo machetes, so you should check this article by click the link. We hope you enjoy our article, and it will be helpful for you to choose the multipurpose Kukri knife in the market.

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