How to Sharpen a Machete at home – With Best Sharpening Tools

No matter what type of machete you have, everyone needs to sharpen the machete. Have you wondered about how to sharpen a machete or what is the appropriate technique to use for this purpose?

Hold on! Don’t get upset

How to Sharpen a MacheteWe have solved your issue here. Just read, understand, and you will get the exact method of sharpening a machete. Sometimes, the factory edge is not enough to chop thick plants quickly and effortlessly and it needs a sharp edge as per your cutting object.

We provide some practical techniques that make this hectic work comfortable, and you will feel like a pro. But before applying these techniques, you must know what type of your machete is and which procedure is suitable for that.

It is essential to keep the quality of the blade. We have listed some best machete brands below, their uses, Machete safety tips, and with what tools can these machetes be easily sharpened?

CRKT Halfachance Fixed Blade Machete has a long blade and best product for gardening, weed, and for wood cutting. It has a long blade that can be sharpened with the help of files or stones expertly.
Condor Golok Machete is suitable for cutting thick plants and slashy tall grass. It can be sharpened with stones.
KA-BAR Kukri Machete has a standard blade that can be sharpened with a grinder and sender. It is a perfect kukri machete for clearing brush, household tasks, and many purposes.
Kershaw Camp 18″ Machete has a very long blade that can be sharpened with sander or grinder expertly. With its durable and hard 65 MN steel blade, whether you clear the trails or cut down small trees, or even some limbs for fire pit.
Now here we provide the footsteps that you just followed and sharpened your machete like a pro. So just stay with us.

Best Techniques for How to Sharpen a Machete

You must be careful while sharpening a machete. It’s better to have some basic knowledge about the machete sharpener and its effective way of use. It will reshape your thick edge to a fine sharp edge.

There are many sharpening tools available in the market but we are discussing some best tools in this article that give distinguished results. The tools are as follows.

  • Belt Sander
  • Grinder
  • File
  • Whetstone / Rock
  • Dremel

How to Sharpen a Machete


#1. How to Sharpen a machete with a Belt Sander

Sharpen a Machete with Belt SanderBelt Sander is the easiest, appropriate, and yet the professional method of sharpening, especially for Kukri Machete. This excellent tool will sharpen your blade. While sharpening a machete, you must have some basic knowledge and care instruction so that you will not face any kind of problem.

First, keep the machete straight and apply light pressure. Don’t overheat otherwise the blade and especially carbon steel blade gets damaged. If you follow all proper techniques, you can give a convex sharpening with the ultimate edge easily.

You need to follow some precautions while sharpening like don’t overheat when running the blade over the sander. Go through the water when your machete gets overheat and then running again across the sander.

Most of the experts considered it the best way to sharpen a machete. It can also easily sharpen a long blade machete used for survival, such as CRKT Halfachance Machete. If you ever use some weapons, then you will not feel any difficulty. You just need to improve your sharpening skill, and I’m pretty sure this information will improve your machete sharpening skills.

The belt sander is also the easiest way to sharpen your machete much more than using a grinding wheel. It is readily available in the market at a suitable price. The moderate price belt sharpener is enough to give a sharp edge to your machete.

 Care Instructions: 
  • Be mindful about the temperature of the blade.
  • Must have some basic knowledge about blade and what type of technique is best for that.
  • Apply light pressure
  • Don’t overuse it otherwise, your machete will be lost its shape and become dull.
  • You must be a sharp eye on the blade while sharpening because a minor mistake will change its shape.

#2. How to Sharpen a machete with a Grinder

Sharpen a Machete with Grinder WheelThe grinder is considered the best way for the blades that are dull and need aggressive sharpness. It will not only give a sharp edge to your blade but also provide a unique shine to your machete.

The grinder is useful for removing the initial bluntness of your machete blade, removing extensive nicks, and making rusty and worn machetes very sharp.

When you are going to sharpen a bolo machete, make sure you have a substantial working space. This will provide you with an extra edge while grinding. Also, make sure that nothing will interfere in the path of the blade.

You must be careful about the temperature while sharpening a machete. If you sharpen your machete at high rpm, it might be damage your blade.

First, keep the rpm low, but if you need high rpm, then you must pour some water on the blade frequently. So either you need to operate it at low rpm, or pour water continually on the contracting parts of the tool.

High temperature causes a low composition of the blade, so that’s why we emphasize applying low heat as it maintains the blade composition grade. If you already have a grinder machine, all you need to do is pick up the best grinder wheel for your machete.

You can buy a Grinding wheel for under 40$ easily, and it has the capability enough to sharp all types of garden tools and mower blades. It is a little bit tricky, so you must have some experience before using it. If you do not have a grinder machine, this technique is also a bit expensive, so that’s why this technique is not much favorite among machete users.

 Care Instructions: 
  • Must have Spacious space.
  • Run at low RPM.
  • If you need high RPM, use water frequently.
  • Must have experience.
  • Make sure there is no interference while grinding.

#3. How to Sharpen a machete with a File

Sharpen a Machete with FileSharpening a machete with a file is the most exceptional technique as it required no experience. You just have to focus on the method, and you can quickly improve the sharpness of your machete. There are two types of files. First is a double cut for the rough shaping, and the other is for the smoother shaping.

No matter what type of file you are using, the main thing is that you have to hold your machete and file tightly. Actually it mainly based on hold both tools for a smoother procedure. If you lose the grip, you might be get cut on your hand or facing any scratches on the blade.

When you hold machete and file with an excellent grip, now its time to sharpening the machete. First, pull the file toward you and then push it and then repeat this process over and over again until you get fruitful results.

In addition, you can carry it anywhere, just put it into your pocket and take it to the woods. When you found that your machete’s losing its sharpness, then take out your file and give a shinner edge immediately.

Sharpening a machete with a file is the simplest, quickest, and cheapest way to sharpen your machete at home as well as it does not take much time in the process. Using these files, you can sharpen any type of machete, but this is the best one for the Gerber Gator Machete. Another thing that you must keep in mind that for what purpose you are using your machete.

If you are using it to cutting grass or non-woody vegetables, then small sharpening angles of 20-25 degree is enough. However, If you are using your machete for the branches and woody vegetables, then large sharpening angles of 25-30 degrees work best.

 Care Instructions: 
  • Hold both tools machete and file tightly.
  • Complete this whole process with full focus so that you may not face any kind of damage.

#4. How to Sharpen a machete with a WhetStones / Rock

Sharpen a Machete with WhetstoneIt is another most useful technique used to sharpen a machete. In this technique, you don’t need any machine or tool. You just have a stone or rock, a bowl of water, and a beacon. Beacon is required only when you are using artificial rocks. The whetstones method needs more focus on the whole process.

It is the cheapest and easiest method to sharpen any machete. Shortly before sharpening your machete, just put the stone into the water, keep the stone in a firm position, and drag your machete blade upward and downward on the rock. Repeat this process until you get the required sharpness.

If you want perfect results, keep the blade in a perpendicular position and repeatedly move from bottom to top. Moving a blade in a circular motion is also gives ideal sharpness.

There are lots of stones available in the market, but you have to buy the quality one. You should spend some more penny for better health of your machete blade. Cheap stones may reduce the grinding power of the blade. We are listing some common type of rocks and their grit capability

  • 220 grit: Capable to provide a new shape to your machete blade.
  • 300 grit: Enough to give a sharp edge to the blade.
  • 1000 grit: Suitable for all types of knives. Even you can sharp your kitchen knife
  • 1200 grit: Best for the delicate blade.
  • 2000 grit:  Effective for regular use. Does not split many particles from the blade.
  • 3000 grit: Best for finner shine and perfect sharpness
  • 5000 grit: Most of the professionals use this kind of stone. It is a high-quality stone that provides extraordinary shine to your machete blade.
  • 8000 grit: Provides super results of extra sharpness and perfect shining to the blade.
 Care Instructions: 
  • Choose a good quality stone.
  • Dip appropriately into the water before using it.
  • Hold the machete tightly while sharpening.

#5. How to Sharpen a machete with a Dremel

Sharpen a Machete with DremelDremel is also used to sharpen the machete and knives blade. Dremel is a handheld rotating sharpening tool that is used to retain the actual shape of the machete. Like a grinder, Dremel needs a firm grip so that you can do your work comfortably.

Once you hold tightly, you power up your Dremel, run over the edge of the blade and repeat it on both sides. When one side is done, you need to repeat this process on the other side.

You need to keep the line straight according to the shape of your machete blade. Dremel is the best sharpening tool as you can sharp a specific portion of the blade without touching any other parts of it.

When you are using Dremel, you must have a firm grip and fully focused on the running tool. Your little bit of distraction may cause massive damage. You might lose its original shape, and your machete looks weird, or it may lose its high grinding.

If you are using the Dremel tool for the first time, you need to follow some precautions. First, wear the safety gear properly then set the speed of the tool.Keep the Dremel machine at a moderate speed otherwise you may lose your grip that may cause significant damage for your machete blade.

So its better to do practice on small things to keep safe from any accidental damage. It is the best tool for the small edge, but there is a huge chance to make your machete blade unsmooth because you are not sharpening your machete in one go.

 Care Instructions: 
  • You must have some experience before applying this excellent tool.
  • Keep the speed moderate so that you can handle easily.
  • Grip tightly before using it.
  • Be focused while sharpening.
If you not have any of the above tools or don’t have enough money to buy these tools, then what will you do?

Hold on! Don’t be panic.

You can use the following items to sharpen your blade. You can even sharpen the dull blade and give it finner shine.

Ceramic MugLeather BeltNail FileNylon Straps
When you’re out in the wilderness with a few gear items and can’t find a sharpener to sharpen a machete to save your life. Then a Ceramic Mug is the best and last option to make your machete blade sharpen. For this purpose, take a rough edge of the ceramic mug and run the blade on the mugs until you get the desired sharpness. This method is most effective for the small knife type machete.
A Leather Belt, which you wear in your routine life, is a quick and easy way to sharpen the machete blade. Run this leather belt across the blade, and you will get excellent sharpness. But keep in mind that dont run this belt on the cutting edge of the blade. Also, make sure there are no stitches on the belt. Otherwise, the belt will not be usable for you.
The next best thing is the Nail File that usually comes in survival kits. After using the nail file, you can take your dull blade to the next level of sharpness. Rub the cutting edge of the blade against the nail file until your blade becomes sharp as per your needs. This way you can sharpen the other side as well.
Nylon Straps are another best and easy option when you have not any sharpening tool. In addition, If you don’t have a nail file or a ceramic mug, you can use a Nylon Strap of your camping bag. Nylon Straps are another best and easy option when you have not any sharpening tool. For this kind of technique, run your machete on the straps, and it will surely give an affective sharpness. Do not run this Nylon straps on the cutting edge.

Some Tips for Sharpen a Machete

No matter what type of technique you are using to make your machete sharpen. The main thing is how much affectively you apply that technique. You must follow a proper pattern to get fruitful results. If you follow the wrong way, there is a huge chance that you may lose your favorite weapon.

Follow the given tips to save your cutting tool.

  • Clean your blade first
  • Remove the oily content before sharpening the blade.
  • What type of tool you are using, it must be dust-free before grinding.
  • Try to maintain angles while using the sander
  • Keep your blade in a curving motion across the belt
  • Repeat the process just for 2 or 3 minutes. Don’t over repeat it otherwise you may lose its actual shape
  • While using stones, dip the stones into the water so that you can get better sharpness
  • Choose the whetstone grit according to the blade requirements

Wrapping It Out

Whenever you sharpen the machete, there are no proper rules to follow. The main thing that you must be focused on while sharpening all the time. Whenever you get enough experience, you discover the sharpening way that will be much comfortable for you.

Follow proper technique, be focused, and give your blade a new sharpening power. It will help you to cut the vegetables, crops, and woods comfortably without getting exhausted.

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