How to Use a Machete – Machete Safety Tips & Common Problems

Everyone needs to adopt some safety measure of they are beginners or not much experienced. They must know how to use a machete while carrying, sharpening, and cutting with this versatile tool because you will face a severe injury if you show any kind of small ignorance. So to keep safe from these kinds of injuries, you have to follow some fundamental steps that are mention below.

So this tutorial is all about how to use a machete safe and sound. If you are clearing some undergrowth in the garden, you will tire in no time. This tutorial helps you to use the machete like a boss.

 So Let’s get started 

How to Use a Machete

How to Use a Machete

Know Before Using a Machete

A machete is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for clearing the brush from the backyard, cutting the coconut, chopping, hiking, and camping.

  • You felt tired by doing already a lot of daily work and when you are feeling down by using a machete. It becomes more dangerous.
  • Whenever you swing your machete across your body, you must be more careful. You have to hold it tightly. If your machete slipped from your hand, there is a much chance that it gives you harm, especially to your knee, foot, or hands.
  • Must be careful nobody will stand in your working areas that whenever your machete gets slip from your hand and it will not reach to him. Make sure kids and pets are not present there or not in the working radius.
  • When you are chasing someone who is also using a machete to clear the way, then you have to become more careful and must keep a safe distance.
  • Never walk and chop at the same time. First, chop and then move ahead.

#1. Check the Area

First of all, you have to check the area of working correctly. Must know that the area is clear and nobody is standing on its way. You should also be careful that no kids or pets will appear in the working radius.

#2. How to Hold A Machete

Holding the machete with a comfortable grip is crucial to chop or cut anything. The wrong holding can give you a hard time, and you will be tired very soon. There is also a possibility that machete is released from your hand and get harms to anyone standing on its way.

Some users entangle with this misunderstanding that holding a machete with a firm grip is necessary. But when you become experienced, you will come to know that holding flexibility is more important and beneficial than holding tightly.\

#2. How to Hold A Machete
So we provide you with the best practice of how to hold machete effectively.
  • Wrap your thumbs and forefingers oppositely around your machete handle and hit tightly.
  • Your other three fingers must be wrap loosely around the handle of the weapon.
  • Holding should be so flexible that the handle of the machete must be played with your palm slightly. The newbie made a mistake of holding it firmly and leave the footprint of their palm on the handle.

If the machete holds flexibly, it ensures chopping and cutting smoothly, and the user does not feel tired at all, In short, it increases the productivity of the users.

If you not experienced with how to use a machete, then you should wear gloves to ensure safety. When you are getting experience, you will become flexible in holding, and you will work for long-lasting without getting tired.

#3. How to Swing a Machete 

After holding the machete properly, the next thing is how to swing the machete effectively. While chopping, you need to keep the momentum while swinging the machete. It does not only depend on the strength of the wrist shoulders but also momentum while swinging.

Use higher and direct whole arm power in the downward direction when you swing the machete. When you hit the target with fully open arms, it ensures to keep the momentum for a strong hit. Some people take regular training for knife swinging, especially with combat machetes.

#3. How to Swing a Machete 

#4. Angle the Contact 

After holding and swing the machete, another core thing is the angel of contact while hitting the target. So with perfect grip, you have to hit with the right angle to punish the bushes. But try to keep the angle at 45 degrees instead of right angle, as it gives more fruitful results.

Before slashing, you have to check the flow of the vegetation and small trees, then try to cut them downward or upward. Especially for kukri machete, the downward slashing is more effective for sturdy branches. Let me tell you, slashing is the best solution for soft vegetation but not suitable for strong branches and small trees.

#5. How to Carry A Machete

Machete is a very sharp tool, so you have to more careful while carrying it with you. It may harm you anytime if you ignore some safety measures. So the first safety measure is to keep the machete in its sheath when it is not in use or when you carry it to another place.

Keep the handle of the machete in your armpit while moving anywhere and keep the blade backside. In this way, if the machete dropped or slipped then you will not cause any serious injury.

#5. How to Carry A Machete

Common Problem Regarding Machete Safety & Solutions

Let’s review some most common problems regarding machete safety. You must be careful about these problems and use this versatile tool safely.

  • Blisters
  • Hard Grip
  • Machete Slippage
  • Hitting Knees & Hands
  • Swing Angle

#1. Blisters

The blister is one of the most common problems regarding machete safety that consists of almost all hand tools. It creates problems for the noob, but an expert does not get afraid and avoid easily by using some pro tips.

 Safety Measures: 

  • Use a Pinch Grip
Use a Pinch Grip
Pinch Grip is the best way to use a machete with much more flexibility. Pinch Grip is the way to hold the machete with your forefingers and thumbs that gives more power and flexibility in use, and you will become safe from any blisters.

#2. Hard Grip

Hard Grip is the frequently facing problems for the beginners. They have no idea how to grip any machete effectively. It is a misunderstanding that holding a machete with a full tight grip punish the bushes very severely. But it is not right. It only becomes a cause of tiredness and pain in the wrist and arms.

 Safety Measures: 

  • Hold the machete with a flexible and smooth grip
  • Use Pinch Grip when needed
Machete Holding Technique
When using a knife to cut a hard brush, make sure that your grip on the machete is not too tight. Because it reduces the effectiveness of your work and you are not able to work for long due to pain in your hand or wrist. At the same time, it also increases your work efficiency if you use a Pinch Grip.

#3. Machete Slippage

Machete Slippage is a negligible problem but not ignorable at all. It can cause serious injury to a user and also for the person standing before. This problem frequently happens with loose or wet hands.

 Safety Measures: 

  • Use with dry hands and use gloves
  • First dry and then use machete if your hands wet
Machete Slippage
If you are working in a place where water is in contact with you or it is raining, the risk of the knife slipping is greatly increased. To avoid this, try to always use a machete with dry hands and gloves if possible. If the handle of your knife is wet, try to use it after wiping the handle thoroughly with a dry cloth.

#4. Hitting Knees & Hands

This problem occurs due to ignorance, hurries, and not properly followed the safety techniques. It may cause permanent loss of hand or leg.

 Safety Measures: 

  • Don’t swing the machete across the body.
  • Always cut outside of your body like left or right. Then it will not give any serious injury.
Hitting Knees & Hands
Sometimes we swing the knife very close to our body during work, which is why it can cut any part of our body. So to prevent any part of the body from being cut, Don’t swing the knife across the body and always cut outside of your body like left or right. Then it will not give any serious injury.

#5. Swing Angle

This is another most common problem in using a machete. Most of the user hit straight that cause a loss of energy. It destroys not only the energy but also momentum. You will get tired after a very short time of working.

 Safety Measures: 

  • Swing the machete with 45 degree
  • Create V-shape Notch for the thick and sturdy branches.
Hitting Knees & Hands
Most of the time you may have noticed that when you cut a grapevine obliquely it cuts quickly but when you cut it at a straight angle it takes a little longer to cut. So the simplest and best solution is to swing the machete with 45 degrees and create V-shape Notch for the thick and sturdy branches.

Some Additional Safety Measures

  • Don’t use machete when you are tired
  • Always keep sharpening your machete blades
  • Do chopping and cutting work with the patient
  • Keep the machete in its sheath when not in use or need to carry
  • Use the D loop sheath while carrying with belt

Make Your Machete a Perfect Tool

The result of the machete is not just based on the blade and its shape but also depends on how much do you know about the types of machetes or how effectively you use it. We know that holding the tool and hit with the right angle is more important to get fruitful results without getting tired. If you use these machete with the perfect safety instruction, it will become a good companion in all cutting and chopping work and also become a long-lasting tool.

You must also know for what purpose and for what type of branches you want to cut down. After knowing your need, now select the best machete that works well without getting you tired. When you select a suitable machete, it can be used for various purposes. It can be best for a survival situation, hiking, and camping.

Another thing that makes your machete an ideal tool is its sharpness. It will help in easy chopping and cutting. If your knife becomes rusty or its blade gets damaged after too much use. So this knife needs to be sharpened and for this, we have already shown good ways to sharpen the machete.

Wrapping It Out

If you are a beginner, then this article will help to make you an expert in using a machete. We tried our best to guide in every aspect that helps you to remain safe from any serious injury. Our prime aim is to ensure your safety until you turned into an expert. Hopefully, this guide will help you to remain safe from any harm in your upcoming machete use.

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