All Types of Machetes & Its uses – Easier for you to Choose the Best One

There are different types of Machetes available in the market for different tasks with alternative names based on uses and regions. But first, we need to understand what a machete is. Whenever we think about a machete, we are confused as to whether it is a knife or an ax.

So first, let us tell you about the machete, it is a unique tool that is a mixture of ax and knife. Its shape is similar to a handheld knife with a long blade. All machete types provide an advantage with its uniqueness and features. These weapons are frequently using in rural areas for agricultural tasks.

 Here we explore the top quality machetes and their field of uses. 

Types of Machetes

There are a bunch of popular machetes available on the market all around the World. Some of them have earned huge recognition due to its unique design and area of use. These weapons are frequently used in a survival situation, agriculture, household tasks, and practice works. This article will help you to choose a suitable machete and the effective use of all these machetes will also be explained.Types Of Machetes

Barong Machete

Barong MacheteBarong Machete is made with high quality thick and leaf-shaped blades. This tool is consists of a single edge that is a little bit heavy and often used in Philippians. The slicing power of Barong Machete is amazing than other types of machetes.

Barong machete has a similar shape as the elongated leaf, and the tip of the blade is very sharp. One side of the blade is curved rather, the other side is not much curved. The length of the Barong machete is 56 centimeters approximately.

UsesAlternative Names
Barong machete is used in livestock slaughtering and hunting. The farmers also used this tool to clear vines and brushes. Phillipian people used it for martial and combat art.
The alternative names of Rawit, Barung and Moro Barong.

Billhook Machete

BillHook MacheteBillhook machete is a traditional tool, and farmers frequently used this tool in agricultural fields. This tool has a straight shape near the handle and a big sharped curve on the tip of the blade. This tool is widely used in wine-growing countries of Europe, and Russian is the place of origin.

It is an ideal tool for cutting and peeling around things like tree trunks. Additionally, it is used for snedding, which is called removing the side shoots and buds from the branch. The inside blade of Billhook machete is sharp, but you can sharp outsider edge according to your need.

UsesAlternative Names
Best for agricultural uses due to its gripping and cutting power. Billhook machete can easily cut down the brambles and shrubs smoothly.
The alternative names of Billhook machete are sheaf hook, trimming hook, bush knife, repairing hook, coa, and bagging hook.

Bolo Machete

Bolo MacheteBolo machete also called Rawit, is widely used in the United States and Southeast Asia and especially originating from the Philippines. This tool has a wide blade tip with extra momentum that provides perfect chopping. There are different kinds of Bolo machete available in the market, and each has its area of work.

Bolo machete has also been used in combat including World War I, World War II, Philippines American War, and the Philippines Revolution. This weapon comes with the center of gravity features that is hight at the end of the blade that provides massive power while chopping.

The rounded tip Bolo is best for gardening and small Bolo is best for combat purposes.

UsesAlternative Names
Bolo machete is used for different purposes like breaking a coconut, slaughtering animals, grass cutting, self-defense, harvesting crops, and digging the roots.
The Bolo Machete is also known as the Tapanga Machete.

Bowie Machete

Bowie MacheteThe Bowie machete is named after an American frontiersman Jim Bowie and originated from the United States. This weapon is specially designed for survival purposes as it is available in different types and shapes. It seems to be the best combination of machete and knife.

It is very sharp at the tip that makes it ideal in combat.
The sheath of Bowie machete is made up of Cor-Ex that protects the blades and a black baked handle provides a firm grip. The length of this weapon is 17 ⅝ inches with 2.8mm thickness. Its sharp blade tip makes it an exceptional tool in slashing and chopping.

UsesAlternative Names
Bowie machete is ideal just not for survival but also for slashing and chopping the crops, hunting, and outdoorsman for security purposes. Also, it is an impressive tool for camping purposes.
The alternative name used for Bowie machete is survival machete, wilderness machete, and large Bowie knife.

Bush Machete

Bush MacheteBush machete also names as a Collin or Latin machete, it is a traditional weapon for chopping. It has a very sharp long blade with no curve. This tool is similar to the katana machete due to its straight shape. It is an all-rounder tool used for all purposes.

Bush machete is stout with sharp and long blades. It has a protective sheath that makes easy transportation. This weapon is the best choice for chopping excessive vegetables. The United States army often uses this tool as it is less weighty and produces less fatigue while using. Bush machete is an ideal power and suitable in every environment.

UsesAlternative Names
It is suitable for every kind of work including wooden cutting, backyard cleaning, and clearing bushes.
Some references named for this impressive tool are Rula, Latin-style machete, Colin, Copeton.

Kukri machete

Kukri MacheteKukri machete is originated from Nepal but its uses are increasing day by day in the United States. It has a curved shape and distinguished features than other types of machetes. Best Kukri Machete has three parts. One is its top tips for stabbing, second is wide for chopping at the middle, and the third is narrow near the handle for whittling and carving uses.
This tool’s length may vary from 26 to 38 centimeters, and the thickness of the blade is 2.8 millimeters. The handle of this tool is made up of durable Polypropylene and it is 5 inches long. The machete also comes with a black leather/Cordura combination sheath.

UsesAlternative Names
It is the best tool for every kind of work and especially for all kinds of chopping.
The alternative name used for Kukri machete is Rawit and Gurkha Blade.

Cane Machete

Cane MacheteCane machete is most widely used in agricultural fields, especially cutting sugarcane, weeds, and heavy-duty work. It originated from China and used in different countries of South America and other countries of the World. Cane machete has a wide area of the blade and a unique handheld hook is attached at the backside of the machete.

Also, due to the fabulous quality of its blade, you do not get tired after completing heavy-duty tasks. Its blade covers a wide area, much like a heavy machete styles, but has a unique hook attached to the back that distinguishes it from a heavy machete.

UsesAlternative Names
It is specially used for cutting the sugarcane but it can also be used for cutting plants, paddies, and bamboo. It can also be used for chopping due to its dull tip.
The alternative terms used for Cane machete are Camp cleaver, sugarcane machete, corn knife, and Brazilian style cane knife.

Golok Machete

Golok MacheteGolok machete is a heavily built tool with a solid body that acts as a chopper. It looks similar to the Parang machete but much heavier and small in size. It is considered as the symbol of masculinity in the Indonesian culture.

The Golok machete is traditionally used as an agricultural tool, but its short length makes it unsuitable for use as a weapon. Still, Golok’s sharp and thick blade is terrific for clearing brush and cutting green plants.

The handle of the Golok machete is made of walnut wood which provides a comfortable grip. Golok machete is originated from South East Asia.

UsesAlternative Names
Golok machete is used for chopping and shaping the wooden materials. It can comfortably be used for cleaning brushes and backyard cleaning.
It is known only as of the Golok machete.

Panga Machete

Panga MachetePanga machete is looked similar to the Bolo machete but it is much sharper than it. It is a bit weighty and a deep big curve belly at the center of the blade that provides impressive power while chopping. Africa is the place of origin and most widely used in the region of the Caribbean.

The shape of the blade provides strong cutting power for heavy-duty tasks through concentrated force. In many cases, the upper inclination of the panga blade can also be sharpened to cut something.

UsesAlternative Names
Panga machete is specially used for chopping woods, vegetables, and other variety of work in the agricultural field.
It can also be named as Road, Daga, Liniero, and Burriquito.

Parang Machete

Parang MacheteParang machete has a great handy tool with a very sharp long blade. This tool comes from South East Asia and also famous in all around the World. Parang machete looks like Golok machete but different in curve and slenderness. It is much longer and curvier than Golok.

Indonesia was the place of the region of this Parang tool, but nowadays, there are different types of machetes available on the market for various purposes. Although the parang machete is a bit more attractive than other machete types, its price is undoubtedly very reasonable in terms of its durability and usability.

UsesAlternative Names
This tool is used for chopping woods and vegetables. This tool has a lot of heavy beating power and can be very helpful in the wilderness.
Sable and Bedog are the alternative names of this powerful weapon.

Heavy Machete

Heavy MacheteAs the name suggested, this tool is much weighty, and the weight is equally distributed in the whole blade. Most of the weight is at the tip of the blade that makes chopping much easier. Both sides of the machete can be used for the same purposes.

It has proven to be a workhorse in agriculture, survival, vegetations, and combat. Also, It is all in one solution because it can be used as a knife, an ax, and a machete. But this kind of machete cannot maintain its sharp edge for a long period.

UsesAlternative Names
Heavy machete is used to chop tough, thick, and woody vegetables.
We can also say it Double edge, majorra, weighted, thunderhead machete.

Survival Machete

Survival MacheteSurvival machete is much heavy, so that’s why it is useful for digging, splitting, and chopping of the vegetables and roots. This tool is specially used in combat and provide security in any dangerous situations. We can also be named as rescue machete.

The fate side can also be used for the pounding steak. Additionally, survival machete has all the features of cutting and splitting as its backside works like a saw and flat part like a hammer. These blades can also be used effectively as camping machetes

Because both machetes work the same way and helping people in a survival situation and camping.

UsesAlternative Names
Survival machete is used for rescue and camping purposes.
It can also be named as Coping and rescue machete

Latin Machete

Latin MacheteLatin machete is different in shape among all other machete types. It has a long, sharp, and thin blade with little or no curve that helps the user to easier their tasks. Also, the spread of the blade towards the tip can be broad. It is known as a long machete than other machete styles, which helps to cut the thick undergrowth.

It is a multipurpose tool and provides full balancing support while chopping the bushes. Latin machete has the capability to increasing task efficiency while chopping or cutting the stout bushes. In addition, it is a traditional machete and originated from Latin America.

UsesAlternative Names
It is used for various tasks like cutting and chopping the bushes, vegetables, roots.
Its alternative name is Bush machete.

Combat Machete

Combat MacheteAs the name suggested, Combate machete is specially made up of Japanese blades that provide extra strength to this amazing tool. It is frequently used in combat/fight situations. This machete weapon has a very strong and sharp tip and a full grip area that ensures full security while combating.

Sharp blades on both sides often look scary or theatrical, depending on your perspective. The Sout American Army had used these machete in the World War. The Gurkha’s has also been using these machete over many years in warfare. Even In the Philippine, people have used it in martial and combat arts.

UsesAlternative Names
Combat machete is used for security, piercing, and stabbing purposes. This tool is also used for self-defense.
It is also known as the Military and tactical machete.

Tactical Machete

Tactical MacheteTactical machete ensures self-defense and survival from any kinda danger. It is a slashing tool that provides you security at its best. It can also be used in the forest to save yourself from any wild animals and surely works as a sword in this worst situation.

For instance, if you are in the forest and came across any wild animal and you need to clear your path safely, this is the best choice for this purpose. Army commanders also use this machete to protect themselves from enemies. Both sides of these machetes have sharp edges or saw blade on its back.

UsesAlternative Names
It is used for survival situation and for self-defense.
It can also be named as Military and combat machete.

Colima Machete

Colima MacheteColima machete is sharped at both sides of the blade. Both sides of the blades are used for chopping and cutting the roots and bushes. It is slightly weighted at the backside that provides extra support while cleaning the backyard and clearing brush.

Colima machete is an ideal tool used for motion of sweeping cutting and backhand strokes and it is originated from Central America. In addition, the tip of the Colima machete has been sharpened to prevent it from getting stuck in thick vegetation.

UsesAlternative Names
It is used to chop the roots, vegetables, and bushes.
The alternative name used for Colima machete is Costeno and Panzon.

Hawkbill Machete

Hawkbill MacheteHawkbill machete is a big curved shape machete that is sharpened inside the curve. The machete looks like a billhook machete, but it comes with slightly less curved and thinner blades. It has a sharpened tip used to cut hard materials like woods, tough bushes, and long grass.

This tool is also used for collecting the cutting bushes. The inner sharp curve provides extra support for reaping the stalked vegetations. The curved inner side of this machete has a pointy tip that provides much power to cut many branches on a tree.

UsesAlternative Names
It is used to cut the tough bushes and long grass smoothly due to its curved shape.
Cuma is the alternative name used for the Hawkbill Machete.

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There is a large variety of machetes available in the market for different purposes. We suggest you, know your need first and then do some research and pick the best weapon. We have already listed the most commonly used Best Machetes in the world. You can pick anyone that is a perfect match with your job.

But many of these machetes do not come sharp from the factory, so If you sharpen this type of machete a little, it can increase the efficiency of your work. If you do not know how to sharpen a machete, so you can read more details by clicking on this link.

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